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Training Services

My main goal in teaching is for both you and your horse to be comfortable hunting and/or trail riding. The point of riding is to have fun, and in order to do that you need to feel confident in your skills, as well as your mount. I strive to make personal relationships with all of my clients to really understand their needs, and offer one on one assistance for each individual. There are many different services so you can choose which option or mix of options you will find to be the most beneficial.

Training in the Hunt Field 
- $100 / Ride
- Training board per day - $40 (if staying overnight and hunting with ABF)

Thinking of moving up to the next flight? I am more than happy to hunt your horse in said field to build the confidence in your horse, allowing you to have the same confidence when you finally make the big move. I will travel to your hunt or you may bring your horse to hunt at ABF. No added capping fee applied if the horse is hunted by me with the Andrews Bridge Foxhounds. 
I am also well seasoned in schooling staff horses. If you have a young horse you would like to bring along and see if he will "make the cut" I will ride out with you on a hunting day at your hunt, and whip-in along side you. NOTE: **Must have Master and Huntsman approval**.
Training Lessons Cross Country or in the Ring


Cross Country:

I will work one-on-one with you and your horse cross country on any set of skills to help improve your riding and build confidence. I will ride with you on one of my horses, or will be happy to school your horse myself.



The ring is a great way to learn basics and develop your seat. It teaches you and your horse to think quick on your feet through the use of gymnastics and jump courses.


- $60 / hour lesson

- $40 / schooling of one of your horses at your facility

Rent a Horse - Hunting

Choose from a selection of made foxhunters to rent out for the day. This is a completely stress free option, and the horse will arrive at the meet, bathed and tacked. Sit back and relax out hunting, and at the end of the day, the horse gets loaded back on the van and is completely taken care of.


- Cubbing Season (August - October)

     -$100 / rental

- Formal Season (November - March)

     - $125 / weekday rental

     - $150 / weekend rental

     - $175 / holiday rental (this includes braiding)

Rent a Horse - Summer Trail Rides

Enjoy the scenic countryside of Andrews Bridge on one of our leisurely walking summer trail rides. On these rides, you will get the opportunity to socialize with other members and riders, followed by a countryside picnic back at the trailers. Your mount will arrive tacked and ready.

-$50 / rental

Bring Your Own Horse

Board your horse in my stable, and stay at a local B&B located 2 miles away at a neighboring farm. Cap with Andrews Bridge Foxhounds, and/or school with me in a cross country lesson.


- $25 stall fee per day

** capping fee and lesson fee not included

Please fill out the following information, sign the proper forms, and bring with you.
Training Agreement
Owner Information
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