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Foxhunting is not just something I do; it's my passion and it's who I am. I was extremely lucky as a child to have been hunting twice a week starting at age 4! It’s all I knew and all I wanted to do. Most of my non-hunting weekends were then spent at horse shows.


Hunting with the Andrews Bridge Foxhounds isn't about just riding to hounds. It is a year round activity for me as we help raise puppies, show hounds, clear trails, run numerous activities, as well as enjoy a day's hunting. Both my parents, Steve and Betsy Harris, are Joint Masters, and we live a 24/7 hunt lifestyle.


I have been fortunate to have had the opportunity to hunt oversees with the Limerick Harriers and County Limerick in Ireland while on holiday. During my Sophomore year of college at University of Delaware, I spent 5 months abroad taking courses in London. Whereas most of my friends would travel every weekend to various countries to sightsee, or be out partying, I would be traveling deep into the countryside of England to hunt with the Heythrop and South Wold, as well as the David Davies in Wales.


Photo courtesy of Steve Berkowitz

Since graduating from UD with a degree in professional writing, I temporarily laid down my pen and had opted to work and ride with Janet Elliot (Hall-of-Fame Steeplechase Trainer). I even had the incredible opportunity to race for her as well. Under her direction, I learned a lot about the racing industry and the hard work and that dedication, no matter what you do in life, is required in order to excel.


Throughout the summer months, I fill my time showing and eventing my horses. I thoroughly enjoy giving riding lessons and specialize in cross-country schooling to make riders confident and comfortable outside the ring!

Photo courtesy of Kimberly Simms
Photo courtesy of Liz Callar


Email: rbharris224@gmail.com


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